Need some help with your science, art, math and geography topics? We can help!

Take advantage of the Brandywine Zoo's Teacher Workshops and/or Loan Kit Program. All Teacher Workshops are designed to enhance and enrich what is being taught in the classroom. The Zoo’s Loan Kits provide simple lessons that you can follow with your class and are available for two-week periods. All teachers who want to borrow a Loan Kit must complete the Loan Kit Teacher Workshop conducted through the Delaware Teacher Center.

For additional information about Teacher Workshops and Loan Kits, call the Delaware Teacher Center (800) 282-8770 or visit their website.

Fees & Registration
  • Fees and Registration are handled through the Delaware Department of Education
  • If the kits need to be shipped, teachers will be responsible for all UPS costs.

Loan Kit Topics
Come make some special folder games to use in your classroom. Designed by the Brandywine Zoo Education Department, these games will illustrate animal habitats and can be used to augment animal themed science units.

Teachers will be given the opportunity to make several file folder games that augment science and animal units. Designed by the Brandywine Zoo Education Department, these games will illustrate basic science concepts like habitats, animal classification, camouflage and conservation.

Are you looking for a field trip experience that supports the Structures of Life Module? Do you want your students to experience real-life applications of the structure/function relationship in organisms? Enroll in our new instructional program, Structures of Life Teacher Enhancement. This program gives you a free field-based, instructional manual that supports concepts presented in the Structures of Life Module. This new Structures of Life Teacher Enhancement Manual includes lots of fun, cross curricular activities, projects, games, fact sheets, craft activities and a teacher resource section that lists reading resources and websites. The concepts presented extend an understanding of structures of organisms, adaptations, biodiversity and conservation of organisms to meet the challenges presented by the Structures of Life Module.

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