Elaphe mandarina

Status: Not evaluated

Range & Habitat
Mountain forests, prefer higher altitudes and cooler temperatures in China, North Vietnam, Northern Burma, North East India, Taiwan

General Description
Mandarin Rat Snakes have either brown scales with yellow spots or beige scales with black patches. They have a stoutly built body with a short head and tail. A majority of adult Mandarin Rat Snakes are four to five feet long.

Mandarin Rat Snakes are primarily crepuscular, shy, secretive snakes. During the day, Mandarin Rat Snakes like to hide in dark places like burrows. When disturbed, they become very aggressive and may spit, musk or bite the attacker. They like to bask in private and tend to slither and hide out of sight when they discover one's presence.

They breed in the spring, 3-12 eggs requiring 48-55 days of incubation.

Diet: Carnivore
In the Wild: Their diet consists of small mammals and birds. In the Zoo: mice.

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