Pogona vitticeps

Status: Not Listed

Range & Habitat
Arid woodlands and deserts of Eastern and Central Australia.

General Description
Bearded Dragons are diurnal, social animals that have the ability to puff out the skin on the underside of the throat, creating a beard-like display. They can grow to be 15-19 inches long and have claws well suited for climbing and digging deep burrows to lay dime-sized eggs. The spikes on the sides of their head and body make them look bigger than they really are. Those sharp looking spikes actually feel like hard scales. Bearded Dragons have a long and sticky tongue that aids in feeding. Male dragons usually practice the beard display in breeding season; however, they'll also use it to make them look bigger to ward off enemies. Captive longevity is usually 7-10 years.

Reproduction & Growth
The Bearded Dragon reaches sexual maturity at one to two years of age. Mating occurs in the Australian spring and summer months of September to March. Females dig a burrow and lay up to 24 eggs per clutch, and up to nine clutches per year. Females have also been known to store sperm and are able to lay many clutches of fertile eggs from one mating. Captive incubation time is about 60 days.

Diet: Omnivore
In the Wild: Large quantities of plant matter, insects and the occasional small rodent or lizard. In the Zoo: mixed salad of greens, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

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