Animals Depend on People Too!

You probably have a favorite Brandywine Zoo animal, a hairy, furry or feathered friend who makes your visit to the Zoo special. So why not adopt it? When you become an annual sponsor your tax deductible donation to the Delaware Zoological Society is used to help us continue our conservation work at the Zoo and around the world. The Brandywine Zoo participates in many conservation programs promoting the survival of at-risk animals and their habitats. Through your sponsorship, our efforts will continue to support these very important animals.

Anyone can "A.D.O.P.T." an animal at the Zoo: school groups, businesses, civic and service organizations, individuals and families. Naturally, your adoption is for sponsorship purposes only; your chosen animal remains at the Zoo. Because of their popularity, some animals may be adopted by more than one Parent. You can become a Parent for a different animal each year, or your adoption can be renewed as often as you wish. A Zoo animal adoption is a wonderful gift idea! As a participant in our program, you will receive a certificate of adoption, a copy of "Zoo News" and your name will be displayed on the Honor Roll of Zoo Parents.

It is easy to adopt. Just choose an animal from the list below, fill out the application form and send it with your payment. If sending a, check make payable to the Delaware Zoological Society.

Animals to be Adopted
Black-Headed Caique
Cinnamon Teal Duck
Giant Flemish Rabbit
Hooded Merganser (Duck)
Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach*
Ring Teal Duck
Rock Dove
Rose Haired Tarantula*
Wood Duck

Bearded Dragon*
Blue Tongued Skink*
Box Turtle
Greater Rhea
Green Iguana
Honduran Milk Snake*
American Kestrel*
Marine Toad*
Pygmy Goat
Rainbow Boa*
Red Eared Slider*

Goeldi's Monkey
Golden Lion Tamarin
Sandhill Crane

Ball Python*
Blood Python*
Blue & Yellow Macaw
Mandarin Rat Snake*

Burrowing Owl
Italian Honey Bees

Andean Condor
American Bald Eagle
Black Crowned Night Heron
Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine

Clouded Leopard
Florida Bobcat
North America River Otter
Red Panda
Two-Toed Sloth

Amur Tiger

*Program animal that may not be on exhibit during your visit to the Zoo.
Adoptions of specific animals may be altered or exchanged at the discretion of the Brandywine Zoo without notice.

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